Canadian Kush

Indica (100%)

Canadian Kush: Purple Flowers And Narcotic Highs

Canadian Kush is a 100% pure indica variety that is the offspring of parent strains Purple Kush and Special Kush. The flowers of this strain feature dark purple and green shades that make the end product look unique and mouth-watering. Sprinkling these colorful flowers into a blunt wrap is a sight to behold. These flowers offer pleasant and tempting aromas of earth with a touch of grape. An abundance of THC results in a high that starts off as euphoric and buzzy, then smooths out into more narcotic sensations and a heavy stone.

Indoor-grown Canadian Kush plants have a vegetative period of 3–4 weeks and a flowering period of 8 weeks, producing yields of 400g/m².

  • SPECIES: Indica (100%)
  • PARENT 1:
  • PARENT 2: Purple Kush
  • PARENT 3:
  • PARENT 4:
  • THC: High
  • CBD: Low
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 1: Earthy
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 2: Grape
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 3: Kushy
  • EFFECT 1: Narcotic
  • EFFECT 2: Body-buzz
  • EFFECT 3: Relaxed
  • EFFECT 4: Euphoric
  • EFFECT 5: Euphoric


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