Genetics: Indica/sativa Parents: X Biker Kush

Ghostrider: cross between The White and Biker Kush

Born out of a cross between The White and Biker Kush, Ghostrider isn’t as ominous as her title may suggest. Growing to a medium size, the yields also develop in kind, with medium-to-high returns expected. She is another strain that produces an abundance of trichomes that make her buds appear to have been covered in a winter frost. Smokers will also be happy as her high goes straight to the head, making for an uplifting experience.

She branches out well, requiring less support than regular OG strains. Expect her golf ball-sized buds to develop over 9–11 weeks of flowering. She can also endure higher feedings than many other strains, making her a suitable choice for first-time growers.

  • SPECIES: Indica/sativa
  • PARENT 1:
  • PARENT 2:
  • PARENT 3:
  • PARENT 4:
  • THC: Medium
  • CBD: Unknown
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 1: Earthy
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 2: Lemon
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 3: Hashish
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 4: Pine
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 5: Kushy
  • EFFECT 1: Creative
  • EFFECT 2: Happy
  • EFFECT 3: Euphoric
  • EFFECT 4: Cerebral
  • EFFECT 5: Cerebral


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