Nagual (NG-1): THC And CBD For Maximum Medicinal Potential

Nagual, sometimes referred to as NG-1, is a medical marijuana strain. It was bred in the EU and has been genetically engineered to have a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio to maximize its therapeutic potential. A cross between Sour Diesel and Candida, another medicinal strain, Nagual boasts rich aromas and flavors. It features around 10% THC and CBD, producing balanced effects characterized by physical relaxation and appetite stimulation, without the debilitatingly strong high you’d get from other strains. According to its breeders, Nagual is great for pain management and stimulating appetite.

Nagual plants look like typical indicas. They take a little longer to flower (around 10 weeks) and produce average yields of around 400g/m² indoors.

  • SPECIES: Indica-dominant
  • PARENT 1:
  • PARENT 2: Sour Diesel
  • PARENT 3:
  • PARENT 4:
  • THC: 8-10%
  • CBD: 10%
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 1: Diesel
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 2: Fresh
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 3: Spicy
  • EFFECT 1: Body-buzz
  • EFFECT 2: Calming
  • EFFECT 3: Balanced
  • EFFECT 4: Relaxed
  • EFFECT 5: Relaxed


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