Panama D.C.

Genetics: Indica/sativa Parents: X Deep Chunk X Panama

Panama D.C.: An Old-School Cannabis Classic

Similar to Deep Chunk, this sativa/indica cannabis blend came on the scene in the late-60s from Panama. Users may find this strain incredibly intense and borderline psychedelic as Panama D.C. gives off the buzzing effect of a typical sativa. This is then followed by an indica stone that is defined by a relaxing body buzz. Earthy aromas and an irresistibly zesty lemon flavor will entrance consumers every time.

With a flowering time of around 9 weeks, this sativa is considered a fast bloomer. Thanks to its Afghan influence, buds are highly resinous and quite dense. Both the yields and the THC content of this cultivar are considered to be medium.

  • SPECIES: Indica/sativa
  • PARENT 1:
  • PARENT 2: Panama
  • PARENT 3:
  • PARENT 4:
  • THC: Medium
  • CBD: Unknown
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 1: Earthy
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 2: Lemon
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 3: Fresh
  • EFFECT 1: Body-buzz
  • EFFECT 2: Uplifting
  • EFFECT 3: Balanced
  • EFFECT 4: Relaxed
  • EFFECT 5: Relaxed


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