Qrazy Train

Indica/sativa (50/50)

Qrazy Train: Don’t Let The Qrazy Name Fool You

You may be mistaken to think that blending together four different strains would overcomplicate this exclusive hybrid. However, using expert know how, Trainwreck, Trinity, Purple Urkle, and Space Queen work together in perfect harmony. Providing an initially uplifting high before bringing you firmly back to your seat, this strain also boasts a near equal split of indica and sativa genetics. Relatively low THC levels of 14% make this an easy strain to smoke throughout the day.

Pear-shaped buds and an 8-week flowering time all add to the allure of this genetic masterpiece. Skunky aromas will fill your growing area as you marvel at the abundant yields. Qrazy Train is easily grown indoors and outdoors.

  • SPECIES: Indica/sativa (50/50)
  • PARENT 1:
  • PARENT 2:
  • PARENT 3:
  • PARENT 4: Train Wreck
  • THC: Medium
  • CBD: Unknown
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 1: Citrus
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 2: Spicy
  • SMELL & FLAVOR 3: Skunk
  • EFFECT 1: Relaxed
  • EFFECT 2: Sociable
  • EFFECT 3: Talkative
  • EFFECT 4: Uplifting
  • EFFECT 5: Uplifting


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